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Advanced "Hands-On" Driver Safety Training

For Corporate Fleets.

Behind the Wheel Driver Safety Training

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Specialized, Expert Driver Courses That Make A Difference.

DRIVING DYNAMICS signature techniques give students the critical one second advantage that can mean the difference between a collision and a safe reaction. Students complete our courses with a different attitude on safety and benefit from their newly acquired advanced driving safety skills.

Depending on your needs, DRIVING DYNAMICS has a full complement of courses.
These include:
  • New Hire Training
  • Tenured Driver Training
    Level 1 – Expert Driver, Advanced Safety Course
    Level 2 – Expert Driver, Advanced Safety Course
  • At Risk Driver
    - Post Group Course Commentary Drive
  • High Risk: Driver
    - Individual (one-on-one) Training
  • High Risk Drivers
    - Dedicated High Risk Group Training
  • Managers' Training for Ride Along Coaching
    - Train The Trainer
  • Trailer Towing
  • Corporate Sponsored - Teen Driver Training Course
  • Specialty Training Events


DRIVING DYNAMICS trains drivers on how to safely handle a wide assortment of vehicles and equipment.
They include:
Passenger Cars Passenger Vans
Minivans Taxis
SUVs Limos
Pickups Trailers
Cargo Vans Delivery Trucks
Utility Trucks