Xtracare 360


With over 20 years of experience in helping fleets manage driver-generated risk, our Xtracare experts provide consulting services for corporate fleets.
We do not employ a "checklist" approach to consulting - we first need to understand the opportunities or issues that are impacting your fleet. We then work with you to understand and help you define manageable definable goals for loss reduction and mitigation. It is only when we understand your business needs that we will propose solutions which will benefit you.

Our consulting approach is agnostic. We do not look for ways to layer in any proprietary services. The solutions are generally universal in nature and may be fulfilled by current service providers of, if you choose, through DRIVING DYNAMICS. But we clearly understand that it is your decision and will work with you accordingly.

Some areas of service that we consult on include:
  • Safety Audit: road safety crash data analysis
  • Strategy Development
  • Review of Safety Policy and Driver Handbook
  • Safety Committee Organizational Structure and Processes
  • Structuring Key Predictors of Driver Risk for Analysis
  • Duty of Care: important information about the law in relation to your fleet, drivers and your responsibilities
  • Driver Assessments
  • Safety Education
  • Supervisory Participation
  • Cultural and Behavioral Change Campaigns and Communication Strategies

To arrange a free initial consultation, please email us at info@drivingdynamics.com or contact our Consulting Department at (302) 607-7222 x114


Available to corporate clients and community-based service organizations. DRIVING DYNAMICS risk and safety experts are regularly engaged to speak on topics of interest for drivers, fleet professionals, EHS professionals and risk management.

Our speakers have been invited to speak at industry-sponsored education programs such as NAFA and AFLA and corporate functions such as sales conferences and leadership meetings.

To discuss your topic requirements and obtain details on speaker availability and fees, please email us at info@drivingdynamics.com or contact our Consulting Department at (302) 607.7222 x114.