DRIVING DYNAMICS signature techniques give students the critical one second advantage that can mean the difference between a collision and a safe reaction. Students complete our courses with a different attitude on safety and benefit from their newly acquired advanced driving safety skills.

Behind the Wheel Driver Safety Training

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The REAL System of Learning™
It is a well known fact that adults learn differently as compared to typical student populations. DRIVING DYNAMICS' incorporates the latest thinking and practices in instructional design for adult learning while others still continue to use training formats similar to those found in traditional novice driver licensing courses.

Our highly regarded, REAL (Rotational Exercises And Lessons) System of Learning™ closely matches the learning needs of adults to take new introduced, advanced driving techniques and have them become "hard-wired" skills by the end of the course.

Using highly advanced audio/visual animation, our instructors are able to maximize our students time behind-the-wheel exercises and ultimately their skills by first providing a short but dynamic classroom lesson in which students hear, see and comprehend the specific technique they are about to put into practice.

This process delivers faster learning comprehension; better long-term retention of the subject matter; greater confidence by our students when performing these newly learned advanced techniques; and most importantly ... mastery of these techniques so they become long-term, "hard-wired" safety skills.

Other key features of this curriculum design include:

Technology-Enhanced Mobile Classrooms
Our fleet of mobile classrooms provide immediate, on site access to classroom training which incorporates the latest technology-based teaching tools. Not a single moment of students’ time is wasted traveling back and forth between off site classrooms as is the typically the case elsewhere.

These mobile classrooms are outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment to present students with real life driving situations during the classroom portion of their training and just prior to them practicing these life saving, safety techniques.

Instructor/Student Ratio
DRIVING DYNAMICS' historically maintains the highest instructor to student ratio in the industry

60/40 Rule (Behind-The-Wheel v. Classroom)
Our REAL System of Learning™ process provides students with the highest level of time in the driver seat to practice newly learned skills in a safe, controlled learning environment.

Controlled Slide CarControlled Slide Car (US Patent 5823288)
Students are put in real world driving scenarios and taught to employ techniques effective at preventing or avoiding potentially dangerous driving circumstances. A significant advantage for our students is that they receive advanced training using DRIVING DYNAMICS' patented, Controlled Slide Car.

This highly specialized training vehicle provides drivers with the practical experience and knowledge to handle all forms of adverse road conditions. No other company in North America has the rights to this patented training vehicle.


The REAL System of Learning™

Behind the Wheel Training

DRIVING DYNAMICS' advanced, proprietary method for instructing adult learners is called, "The REAL System of LearningTM". Our programs incorporate the latest thinking and practices in instructional design for adult learners.

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