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The wide ranging skills, expertise and professional experiences of Driving Dynamics’ leadership team reflects the company's commitment to a multi-discipline approach for delivering superior driver and fleet safety performance results.

Bill Buff, CEO and Founder
An early innovator in adult driver safety training and a well respected entrepreneur, Bill has the overall responsibility for strategic planning. In addition to his current duties at Driving Dynamics, Bill continues to race and consult with various automotive groups.
Ben Langley, Director, Training Services
Manages a national team of certified behind-the-wheel instructors and oversees the development and logistics for all driving safety training services to ensure quality, consistency and exceptional customer experience. Ben also serves as the editor of The Driver Advantage™, the company’s award winning, driver safety newsletter. A safety leadership expert, he is the founder of "Safety Wins”, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which was the recipient of a Susan Harwood Training Grant through OSHA to provide safety education for people who drive as part of their jobs.
Arthur Liggio, President
A risk and insurance management executive with more than 30 years of experience aiding businesses manage risk and mitigate losses, Art oversees the day to day management of the company. He remains actively involved in helping Driving Dynamics clients improve their fleet safety and driver risk management performance. Art is recognized for charting the development of a number of innovative web-based risk management/risk mitigation applications in use today at Fortune 500 companies, insurers and investment institutions. 
Richard Traister, Director, Account Development
Richard provides new opportunities for growth by delivering ongoing market analysis, expanding constituent touch points, managing new product rollouts and conducting strategic account reviews. Working closely with operations and training leadership, he helps develop, maintain and build customer relationships, consults with fleet operators on benefits of Driving Dynamics’ advanced driver training and risk management services and manages ongoing account-related needs. Richard has more than two decades of in depth insurance, loss control and risk management experience working with fleet operators.
Debbie Lodge, Vice President, Client Relations
Manages the company’s account services team charged with delivering exceptional client and student support. Working directly with customers, Debbie directs strategies and processes that leverage Driving Dynamics’ broad range of driver safety and risk management services for the benefit of producing significant client-valued results. She has an extensive background in this area working with insurance, risk management and fleet-based operations.
Paull Hubbard, Chief Financial Officer
Has overall responsibilities for the company’s financial management. Prior to joining Driving Dynamics, Paull served as the Treasurer of JC Penny for many years.
Stig Nielsen, Manager,
Field Development and Technical Advisor

A long-term Driving Dynamics veteran, Stig conducts in-person training, coaching and performance reviews for Driving Dynamics’ team of behind-the-wheel instructors. In partnership with the director of training services, he consults on matters regarding curriculum development, equipment design, course scheduling, expense control and logistical planning.