DRIVING DYNAMICS' most important resource is its certified team of skilled instructors who conduct on-site, advanced, driver safety training programs. These instructors come from diverse backgrounds, with the majority from motorsports, instructional and/or automotive (design and vehicle dynamics) sectors.

Behind the Wheel Driver Safety Training

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A stringent screening process determines each individual's abilities to understand the principles taught; to lead a group of students in demonstration or discussion; and to teach the skills required to be a safe driver before being accepted into DRIVING DYNAMICS' professional network of independent instructors.

In addition DRIVING DYNAMICS places great importance on an individual's ability to relate to students; being adept in conversing with people from all walks of life; and having an engaging personal style so students feel welcomed and important throughout the training process.
  • Each instructor undergoes an initial training program prior to leading a group and then is evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure the strict standards developed by DRIVING DYNAMICS.
  • Field evaluations and audits of programs take place on a regular basis by the management team to ensure consistency.
  • Using a very specific set of standards, every instructor's performance is evaluated a minimum of once a year and appropriate improvements are implemented as needed.
  • Each year train-the-trainer sessions are held to ensure that instructors are familiar with the most up to the moment training techniques and equipped with current national safety management and client specific data.
  • French Canadian and Spanish-speaking instructors are available to meet complete North American driver safety training needs.


DRIVING DYNAMICS instructors utilize the most up-to date instructional design methods to fast track adult learner comprehension and retention.

By and large, our learners are experienced drivers. They come to us with years of habits and, more often than not, a track record of getting away with poor driving behaviors. To overcome the idea that they will never have a crash because they never have ... we must create teachable moments.

Let's look at it this way: if someone tells you that driving a few miles an hour slower will be safer, and that collisions at 35mph/kph are substantially less severe than those at 40mph/kph, how would you react? Probably, not a life-changing moment that you'll remember the next time you're on the road. In fact, it's advice the average driver will reject because it runs opposite their personal experience. Driving 40mph/kph has been safe so far, right? 

On the other hand, if our instructors can help you experience the limitations of poor or inadequate driving techniques which you can identify with in a safe, controlled environment ... and then compare them with a driving experience using advanced safe driving techniques - the measureable, positive difference in results will likely get your attention.

In that moment, when our learners have just realized that "could be me" in a collision, our instructors show them how a minute adjustment to their technique - say a 5mph adjustment - could have stopped a vehicle faster and avoided a collision.

By taking the time to bring our learners to the point of recognizing the flaw in their current driving techniques, we create a moment in which they will more readily accept advice. This moment is known as a "teachable moment". Some folks even call this the "Aha!" moment.

No matter what you name this experience, it is one of the most fundamental learning processes for adults participating in a skills-based learning program. And DRIVING DYNAMICS incorporates this in every single training program.