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Who is the best judge of performance? Our customers are!
Please review our student Scorecard Results; their comments; along with comments from our customers' managers.


From A QHSE Manager
"My colleague and I recently attended a class in Auburn Hills and thought it was great. My colleague is an ex-cop who has had 3 or 4 other driver training classes and thought this was one the 'gold standard'. We are going to be recommending your program for our drivers. We have people in the US and Canada."

From a Graduate
"Pass this on to Sam, Chuck, and the rest of the group we just went thru with last week. Two lanes going West with traffic. Two lanes going east with traffic. Center lane for turns . I am in the left lane heading east. I start to pull into the center lane to make a left into Fed Ex, but I am scanning way out front as we learned.

As I start to proceed with getting in the center lane I see a van traveling West in the left lane suddenly pull out into the center turning lane and pass a slower vehicle that was in front of it heading right at me!!!! I used my escape route training pulling back into the left lane to avoid a head on with this twit that was completing his illegal center lane pass!!!!!

If I had not been trained on the use of scanning out front, and only been focused on spot in front of me, I would have been toast!!! Thanks for all you do!!!!"

From a Graduate
"Wanted to let you both know that I completed this AWESOME course yesterday! to you is that this course, if possible, should be a requirement for all (my company's) folks who spend more than 15 hours/wk driving. It was simply outstanding as most of the class is spent in your car, actually practicing the maneuvers, techniques, defensive strategies, postures, visioning and car handling needed to avoid most of the incidences that we are faced with on the roads on a daily basis. Even though I have been driving for almost 30 years, I was amazed at how much I learned about how to better handle my car, anticipate and react to changes in road conditions or obstacles, and, overall, be a more defensive driver than what I felt I already was. It was really great!"

From A Safety Manager
"I will be taking over (my company's) Drivers Safety Program. Please add my information to your distribution list. By way of reference, I did attend one of your classes last month and that prompted my recommendation to use your firm for all our hands on training. Yours was the 4th driving class I took, and I must say, the best."

From a Graduate
"On I-95, in a construction area, a semi hit a barrel that came straight for the hood of my car. I took an escape route to the left, through construction. The evasive tactics I learned in your course helped save me from injury. I am so thankful I had taken your course, because the outcome would have been very different for me and my family."


Year End 2011

DD Overall Grade: 9.59
Students Self-Assessment Grade: 92.6%

Top 5 Subjects

Eye Technique
ABS Brakes
Mirror Adjustment
Slide Car
Car Control

Top 5 Safety Topics

Distracted Driving
Winter at the Wheel
Driving in the Rain
Driving at Night
Driving Safely Next to Trucks

  • DD Overall Grading Index: based on a scale of 1 to 10. 10 being the highest grade. Students grade DRIVING DYNAMICS courses on a variety of items from learning content to instructor professionalizm to driving exercises.
  • Self-Assesment Grade: students' personal grading of their ability to incorporate newly learned safety techniques and behavioral recommendations into their normail driving routine.
  • Top 5 Subjects: students identify these as the highest ranked subjects of the 12 major subjects that are taught during the training program.
  • Top 5 Safety Topics: students identified these safety issues for which they would like to receive additional training.